Sunday, 10 August 2014

Stylespiration Sunday

Welcome to a new section of my blog "Stylespiration Sunday". I love reading other peoples inspirational blog posts, so I thought I would create my own. I have always had computer folders bursting with fashion, hairstyles, makeup, home interiors, photography and tattoo ideas that I love, so I thought I would start sharing some of that with you - here's what's been floating my boat this week! 

If I had long hair I would totes be rockin' this hair style. Everything about this image is just perf!

(source: Pinterest)

I can't get enough of the sunflower print at the moment. I love the 90's vibe it brings, and its a great way of brightening up an outfit without being too OTT.

(source: Lookbook)

I have owned 2 pairs of Dr Martens over the years and for some reason, that I can't quite recall, I have ended up selling them both on ebay. Silly me because these boots are timeless. I think every girl should own a pair; they can change the feel of an outfit completely, not to mention after you wear them in a bit they are super comfy! 
I remember buying my first pair of DM's when I was 16. I immediately got them out of the box and jumped all over them, I hated how pristine they were and longed for the scuffs and creases. I used to buy colourful laces from a local "goth" shop to brighten mine up but this time I think I will stick with a classic black lace when I repurchase - and I won't make the mistake of re selling them, those bad boys will be sticking around till I am old and grey! 

source: Lookbook

Oversized Vintage denim jackets - I don't know why I don't already own one, enough said. Also I should mention this girls style is unreal - serious wardrobe and hair envy, check out her lookbook here

(source: Lookbook)

Finally Fedoras - I have been after the perfect one for so long but haven't quite found it yet! They're a great way of accessorizing an outfit and perfect for hiding bad hair days which I tend to have most days!

(source: Lookbook)

Hope you liked seeing my stylespiration of the week, thanks for reading! xxx