Thursday, 22 December 2011

Firstly - Hello to my new followers :] I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do writing it!

Here are a few of my recent purchases! I seemed to have run out of all the important things in the last few days - typical being Christmas and all!

Spotted this amazing studded Topshop makeup bag on the website and had to have it! It is a bit more than I would usually pay for a makeup bag but its leather and its covered in studs so I think that makes up for it! haha.

Thought I would make the most of vaseline being on offer at superdrug so bought the cocoa butter lotion, ive only ever used the other lotions before & quite fancied this one as I love the smell of cocoa butter. Unfortunately it doesnt smell as intense as i'd hope, infact you can barely smell it at all! Boo

I have been wearing maybelline super stay 24 H for about a year now and quite fancied a change, so I bought rimmel lasting finish. I tried it out earlier but im not sure if I like it, I chose "true ivory" as im quite pale but it makes me look a bit orange, which is so not a good look!

Ive never worn fake eyelashes, but today i spotted these for £1.99 and thought what the heck. I tried them out when I got home and boy are they hard to do! Going to have to watch a few youtube tutorials before I nail that one!

Ran out of my eyeliner the other day which I can't live without!. thankfully it was in the 3 for 2 so I got it for free. So I think I have all the essentials for the party season now. Couldn't find any silver glitter nail varnish though :(

Is everybody nearly all set for the big day? I got the last few things today, town wasn't as manic as I thought it would be, even Primark was a breeze! Picked up a really nice chiffon shirt dress to wear on Christmas day, Martyn has made a ridiculous "im not buying you clothes for Christmas" rule. Which is annoying! So I had to find something to wear. Apologies for the lack of posts I have been super busy, I visited my Mum in Devon for 3 weeks recently which I will be doing a post on soon :]

Merry Christmas everyone!