Thursday, 29 March 2012

Leather & Lace & All things Nice

Black Lace Cropped Top, Peach Lace Tassle Top, High Waisted Leather Shorts, High waisted Leather Skirt, Black Lace up Ankle Boots - All from H&M, Tooth Necklaces - ASOS, Dragon Claw Necklace - Miss Cherries Boutique

Hey guys, yes I know I went off the radar MEGA. I know I always say this but I have been super busy with starting my new job (which I went from bumming to hating all in the space of 4 weeks! Haha urgh) and other various dramas in my life. Hopefully I'll be back now on a regular basis! Also hi to all my new followers :] ♥ ♥ ♥

Anyway above is what I have been spending my wages on! Definitely a perk to the job!

I FINALLY own some creepers, thanks to them being pretty popular right now they finally brought some out on ebay for a fraction of the cost, I bought mine from this ebay seller, they have loads of different styles, I really want the leopard print ones next!
I went a bit crazy on the leather and then the sun decided to show its face haha. I have been after some high waisted leather shorts for so long, good old H&M fufilled that yearn of mine. They fit like a dream, I never ever ever want to take them off (I'm still wearing them now - just kidding ha) Ive decided when ever im having a crap day all I need to do is to put them on and everything will be fine! 

Anyone else have a feel good piece of clothing?