Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Jeffreys

  1. Lita Spike 2. Multi Glitter 3. Black Blue Gold Lace 4. Black Glitter 5. Cosmic 6. Cat Tapestry
7. Purple Suede 8. Black Black Suede

Ive been trying to avoid the Jeffrey trend for a while now, mainly because I can't even walk in your average heel let alone those bad boys! But after seeing the spiked, velvet & Glitter litas, I can avoid them no more *gush* 

These are just a few of my favs from THIS website, I want them all so badly, they would look perfect with skinnies and long chiffon blouses! I'd give my right arm for any of them & my left just to be able to walk in them. Alas I fear I would look like a walking giraffe in them as I am already fairly tall, so until they bring out "tall friendly versions" or until I get over the giraffe thing we won't be meeting anytime soon. 
Or maybe I could just have them as an ornament? Hmmm ....

What are your opinions on the Jeffreys? Are they to big a heel for tall people? And which are your favs?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Asos Jewellery Lust - Spikes & Crosses

I'm having a bit of a spike/cross fetish at the moment, and I noticed that Asos are too. They have so many amazing pieces at the moment its hard to pick! I will definately be buying the tooth necklace, claw ring, & spike cluster ring as soon as I have some pennies.Which will be very soon as I found out today that I got the job at Home Bargains that I applied for. Its not my ideal job, but I need the money, I also had an interview at H&M in Liverpool on Tuesday so fingers crossed I get that job because it would suit me to a tee (and also its an excuse to splurge out on more H&M clothing!).

In other news Bubz & Toffi (House bunnies) still hate each other, there was a drastic moment where Bubz had hold of Toffi's foot the other day :S, no major injuries though! Me and Martyn are still desperately wanting to move out of Manchester to Cardiff, and I have started working on the website for the new jewellery brand. Excited is not the word. Just need to get some more stock & order new business cards and all systems are a go go. Eeep eeep. Also you may have noticed that I have tweeked the blog, wanted something a bit more clean & fresh!

I'm off to Leeds tomorrow with my friend Danielle to visit some Vintage wholesalers, never been to Leeds before so should be a fun day! 
Right off to watch some TV, Chill out & eat! Hope your all having a great week

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