Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Outfit Post | Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Peace Top - Topshop (Old)
Denim Shorts - Topshop (Old)
Long Crochet Top - Primark
Faux Birks - H&M
Leather Rucksack - Primark
Bowler Hat - Topshop (Old)

Another festival boho style outfit again! I found this lovely long sleeveless crochet fringe top in Primark the other day for £12 (yes I broke the spending ban - woops), but I just couldn't resist. Anything with a fringe goes down well with me and its another bum hiding addition to my wardrobe - perfect.

The top I have had for a few years now, at one point I was going to ebay it, but I am so glad that I didn't as its perfect for summer. I finished the outfit with my trusty bowler, leather rucksack and faux birks from H&M.

Apologies for the state of my face, I went out without any make-up on and had had a restless nights sleep the night before as my pet rabbit was ill. Thankfully after a trip to the vets to get him some medicine he is perking up! Anyway hope your all having a good week!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Outfit Post | You've got the music, you've got the music in you

Crop top - Motel
Kimono - New Look
Shorts - Topshop (old)
Bowler Hat - Topshop (old)
Belt - Primark

Hey guys, here's what I wore for a day out in Bournemouth on Friday. I am so obsessed with kimonos at the moment (I may have mentioned!) I just feel like there the answer to all my prayers where showing my bum is concerned. Plus they are great for layering and keeping cool on a hot day, cos lets be honest I can't keep wearing a leather jacket, through summer - that would be madness! 

I love this moon, sun and stars crop top from Motel, I bought it a few months back but hadn't worn it yet. Its super light and I am obsessed with the print, it looks perfect with the kimono for a hippie style vibe. I think I'm just going to dress like I am at a constant festival this summer! Why not!

Anyway hope your all enjoying the sunshine and having a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Ebay Wishlist #1

Ebay Wishlist

Left to right - Zara inspired eye print dress // Statement Bib necklace // Feline Cat T-shirt // Mint Bralet //  White Cleated Sole Gladiator Sandals // Grey Metallic Designer Satchel // Silver Knuckle Midi Rings

Hey guys, so I thought I would do a different kind of post today. Here is whats been sitting in my ebay basket for the past week or so. Yes I haven't forgotten I'm on a spending ban - which is going quite well may I add despite the withdrawal symptoms - must resist!
Anyway back to the point, more often than not you can find designer/highstreet items at a fraction of the cost on ebay. Sometimes what you get is what you pay for, but you can find items that are just as good a quality as whats on the high street.

I have always been a bit of a thrifty character going to carboots whenever I can and picking up second hand items from ebay. Its amazing what you can find when you really look, although it can be a little time consuming your bank balance will thank you for it!

The eye dress is a great dupe of the sellout Zara version, not to mention the white sandals are a great knock off Topshop version and are available in loads of different colours! And I absolutely adore the grey metallic satchel, perfect for carrying around your daily life in style!

So what do you think of my ebay picks? Do you guys like to shop around? Please comment if you have any thrifty shopping tips!

Friday, 13 June 2014

HAUL~ Topshop, Ohmylovelondon, H&M, Monki & Asos

So this was my extremely naughty haul, where I thought it was perfectly acceptable to buy 3 kimonos in one day. Having said that I am quite pleased with my recent purchases as they expand my outfit variety now and I feel I won't have my classic "What do I wear/ I have nothing to wear" meltdown. 
I barely ever go out to shop as I get really stressed out so I usually opt for online shopping, however I decided to scout out the nearest H&M to me and found a great shopping outlet in Bournemouth. 
I spent ages in H&M and had to take 2 trips to the changing rooms - I forgot how much stuff they have in there! In the end I picked a lovely faux leather skirt which is such a lovely quality and looks more expensive that it is (£14.99 - Bargain!). I also fell in love with the kimono, the print is so lovely and its a perfect length. Just as I was nearly ready to leave I spotted the faux birkenstocks, I couldn't believe my luck, I had been after some for ages and was debating on buying these from Topshop but I am so glad I didn't as these H&M ones were a small £12.99. 

I then popped into New Look as I wanted to exchange some shorts and then I spotted the most perfect black kimono which was closely followed by spotting ANOTHER perfect Kimono. I told myself that I was only going to buy the black kimono, but when I tried on the blue one I fell in love. I was the perfect shade of blue and looked lovely against my skin tone. I couldn't possibly choose between the 2 so I had a little chat with myself and the girl at the checkout and we both convinced myself that I wasn't a bad person and like YOLO and all that!

Eye prints seem to be quite popular now, although its actually quite creepy to some I personally love it. Whilst browsing on Asos I spotted this awesome oversized t-shirt by Monki  thought it would look great paired with some ripped jeans and my H&M faux birks.

I was in desperate need of a new leather jacket as my Topshop one had been permanently glued onto me for at least 3 years and I just felt that it had seen its day. I spotted this leather jacket on the Oh My Love website and loved the biker style of it. I was so excited when it arrived and put it on straight away and oh my its so perfect, it really gives my outfits that added bit of edge and with using a discount code it only cost me £33.00 (Originaly £39).

So thats my Haul guys! Hope this post wasn't too long. I am now unfortunately on a spending ban (see last post), I am already finding it difficult as today is payday but I am determined not to break my oath and utilise what I already have in my wardrobe!

What have you guys been buying recently? Have any of you had to curb your spending habits?

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Festival Fever

Summers nearly here and everybody's talking about which festivals they're going to be attending, except little old me. I havent been to one since 2008 - shame on me, and I was doing so well at rocking out at Download Festival for 5 years on the trot. Then uni happened and being on a fashion design degree doesn't leave much pounds in your pocket, combine that with rent and my u̶n̶n̶e̶c̶e̶s̶s̶a̶r̶y̶  completely necessary addiction for buying clothes and I was practically on my arse (no exaggeration!).

It was only today on the drive home from work with the sun blazing through my car windows that I thought why aren't I going to a festival this year? I mean this is the girl that bought 3 kimonos in one day yesterday, its like I've already told myself to start preparing my wardrobe! Plus I am all about the music, festivals are pretty much my natural habitat. I love the atmosphere, the fashion, the buzz and the all together out doorsy feel of everything. Its amazing how for a few days you are all joined together living this amazing experience. 

This trail of thought got me thinking, I never really do anything anymore. I mean sure I socialise, go out for nice meals with my boyfriend and visit the beach etc.. but I don't do anything big. It made me sad when I realised this, life is so short and there are too many opportunities out there to just sit back and watch the world go by. I don't want to be the person reading about everyone else's wonderful experiences anymore, I wan't to be the one experiencing them. So this has prompted me to "get out there" more and try out some new things! Unfortunately to do this I will need to put a spending ban in place (I'll let you know how this goes) and save save save! (I spent way to much money in H&M & New Look yesterday - woops!).

Below are a few images I found on pinterest, tumblr and weheartit that I found inspiring in a bid to kick start my new "get out there" plan! Wish me luck!

(All images were found on weheartit, tumblr & pinterest)

Hope you liked this post, please share any adventure ideas if you have any! I would love to hear all about them :)

Monday, 9 June 2014

Personal Style Inspiration

Recently I have had a bit of a fashion block, my wardrobe has started to become what I call "safe". I admit I sway more to the dark scale of the colour wheel so have a lot of blacks, greys and blues in my wardrobe.
As I have previously mentioned I used to be a bit of a 'goff' and never really felt that comfortable wearing colour after that - talk about colour phobe!
Last week I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought a pink coat from Missguided, I was so excited that maybe I was breaking the curse of the goth. Alas it arrived I put it on and it just didn't feel right - it wasn't the right shade of pink either (Yes there is a right shade of pink). I felt rubbish, I had seen so many bloggers looking lovely in their pink coats, why didn't it look nice on me?
The truth is to someone else it probably did look nice on me, but when I looked in the mirror I saw who I was and realised that it just wasn't me, and thats ok. Not every style/colour that's out there is going to suit us all. I think its important to experiment and step out of our comfort zones, but its also important not to get lost on the way, and I wasn't about to wear a coat that didn't feel me for the sake of fashion.

Nowadays all you have to do is turn on your computer for inspiration, or scroll through your instagram feed. I am an avid instagrammer and pinner, and love nothing more than researching the latest fashions. I mainly look to bloggers for inspiration over celebrities as I feel I can relate to them.
So with all this inspiration floating about why on earth would I have a fashion block? Well the whole pink coat fiasco stumped me. I wanted to experiment by trying out different styles and colours instead of the same basic one-tone clothing I always wear (FYI - Faded black jeans, black top, check shirt) but felt it was a lost cause. Since finishing university and moving back home I had got into a mega style rut, I thought by researching other peoples styles I would find the inspo I needed to inject life back into my wardrobe. Unfortunately I was wrong. Sometimes I think you can consume too much inspiration to the point where it just becomes overwhelming and you sort of forget what your own style is ending up with a load of clothes that your never going to wear.

So as I felt like I was becoming in danger of losing my own personal style and wasting money on pieces that just weren't 'me'. I decided to start a Polyvore (yeah I don't know where Iv'e been either) to help me recognise my style again and it has really helped.  Below are a few of the outfits I have put together which reflect my own personal style.


Music has always heavily influenced my fashion choices, the leather jacket being my staple piece as a nod to the rocker in me. I always feel like an outfit isn't complete without it! Everyone has a staple piece, and once you find it its easy to build the outfit and show your personality through your clothing.

"Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak."
                                                                          - Rachel Zoe

I still find inspiration through bloggers etc... but I have remembered how to put my own spin on things again. As for the colour issue, I branched out and bought a slightly colourful floral shirt from Topshop the other day which looks perfect with my leather jacket slung over the top! And the pink coat? Well that is being returned today without any resentment, in all fairness it made me realise I was in a style rut and brought me back to who I really am - amazing how a simple pink coat can change so much... hmm maybe I should keep it after all!

I hope this post wasn't too heavy! Please leave a comment if you have ever had a "pink coat" fiasco, I would love to know I am not alone!