Thursday, 22 December 2011

Firstly - Hello to my new followers :] I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do writing it!

Here are a few of my recent purchases! I seemed to have run out of all the important things in the last few days - typical being Christmas and all!

Spotted this amazing studded Topshop makeup bag on the website and had to have it! It is a bit more than I would usually pay for a makeup bag but its leather and its covered in studs so I think that makes up for it! haha.

Thought I would make the most of vaseline being on offer at superdrug so bought the cocoa butter lotion, ive only ever used the other lotions before & quite fancied this one as I love the smell of cocoa butter. Unfortunately it doesnt smell as intense as i'd hope, infact you can barely smell it at all! Boo

I have been wearing maybelline super stay 24 H for about a year now and quite fancied a change, so I bought rimmel lasting finish. I tried it out earlier but im not sure if I like it, I chose "true ivory" as im quite pale but it makes me look a bit orange, which is so not a good look!

Ive never worn fake eyelashes, but today i spotted these for £1.99 and thought what the heck. I tried them out when I got home and boy are they hard to do! Going to have to watch a few youtube tutorials before I nail that one!

Ran out of my eyeliner the other day which I can't live without!. thankfully it was in the 3 for 2 so I got it for free. So I think I have all the essentials for the party season now. Couldn't find any silver glitter nail varnish though :(

Is everybody nearly all set for the big day? I got the last few things today, town wasn't as manic as I thought it would be, even Primark was a breeze! Picked up a really nice chiffon shirt dress to wear on Christmas day, Martyn has made a ridiculous "im not buying you clothes for Christmas" rule. Which is annoying! So I had to find something to wear. Apologies for the lack of posts I have been super busy, I visited my Mum in Devon for 3 weeks recently which I will be doing a post on soon :]

Merry Christmas everyone!


Thursday, 17 November 2011

All I want is a place to call my own

Denim shirt - Primark, Ribcage Tee - Topshop. Skirt - H&M, Bag - Carboot, Ring & Necklace - Miss Cherries Boutique, Nail Varnish - Models own : Beths Blue

This is the outfit I wore to go & see A day to remember on tuesday. I always struggle with what to wear for gigs because I always want to look nice but be comfortable at the same time. This is my favourite gig outfit to date. 
The gig was absolutely incredible, we missed the first 2 bands because we went fo a few cheeky cocktails, but managed to watch August burns red, who were quite good although a bit to rawry for my liking! It was jam packed full of emo school children, argh im so old! I have never been pushed about so much at a gig!!
A day to remember put on a hell of a show, they shot out confetti over the crowed & realeased loads of balloons that were tied to the ceiling in a net. At one point the lead singer came out in a massive blow up see-through ball & rolled all over the crowed. Martyn likes to call it zorb-ing. It reminds me of the time George from Alexis crowd surfed in a paddling pool! Have to say its one of the best gigs ive been too! 

Other than that I've not really been up to much, just busy getting the shop ready for Christmas & baking! 
I had major hair dramas the other day (this is why I have done barely any outfit posts!) & decided I had to do something about it, so googled how to cut a side fringe and found this youtube tutorial by a girl called Kandee. Amazingly it worked & wasn't as hard as I thought! I think ive done a pretty good job compared to what it looked like before, & ive saved £40! 
Also check out Kandee's blog for lots of makeup and beauty tips! 

What have you guys been up to this week?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Versatile Blogger Award!

Eeeeep! I have been given my first Versatile blogger award! A massive thank you to the lovely Sam from Sam's notebook for awarding me this! - check out her wonderful blog here


There are three rules for this award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave the award to you.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Send it along to 5 other bloggers and let them know you have awarded them!

7 Things about moi!

  • I am an absolute dreamer, my biggest dream is only a quarter of the way there. This is to run my own shop (after completing my final year on my fashion degree) with my lovely man Martyn, stocked with my jewellery, handmade clothing, cushions & Martyn's future printed t-shirts! (Intrigued? Click HERE). Our aim is to create a lifestyle brand full of quirky unique pieces that you just don't find on the high street! I constantly work my little bum off, which leaves not alot of time for myself (hence the lack of blog posts!) but it will all be worth it in the end! 
  • I am a massive animal lover, I have 2 house rabbits whom I love to death despite the holes in my clothes, the teeth marks in my hair straightener wires & the constant rabbit droppings!!
  • I have 4 tattoos, my first was a cherry on my chest, kinda regret getting it now as its not been done by the best tattooist in the world & was not how I had envisoned it. The second was an old school anchor on my foot, which I love despite it still not being finished, I got it quite small as I didn't want my Mum to shout at me, I now realise that I should have got it bigger because its there forever anyway & she didnt even end up shouting at all! I will be buffing it out with some rope & colour at some point. The 3rd tat I have are 6 stars on my stomache (3 each side of the belly button) going from big to small, they each represent my 2 brothers & my Mum (Mum being the king star!) & finally my most recent is my absoloute favourite, after years of searching I finally found a decent tattooist! It is a heart padlock & key entwined with ribbon on my forearm. Its the first finished tattoo I have, & was designed for me by a guy called Gre. Unlike alot of tattooists ive come across he is passionate about what he does & is not just in it for the money. I still have alot more plans for tattoos, and will eventually be starting my half sleeve! Its an expensive hobby!
  • I am extremely impulsive, im not as bad as when I first moved to Manchester & found out what it was like to be in possession of a student loan, but I still have days where I neeeeed to buy that top or that dress.
  • I have constant battles with my stupidly thin hair, I can't seem to do anything with it! Definately the one thing I would change about myself if I could - so if you have any tips & tricks for achieving thick hair that does actually work please advise!
  • Im a pretty random person, I love weird people & I love being mischevious. When my 2 best friends come to visit we wreak havoc (no vandalising just random funny antics), oh and I love to laugh  ALOT. If you can make me laugh we'll be friends for life! :]
  • You might have guessed but I love talking haha.

And here are the 5 bloggers i'd like to pass on the award too!

Thanks again Sam! 


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Weekly Wants

 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

 1. Yes I know that this is a very old Topshop dress, but I have been pineing after it for so long. Ive missed out on winning it on ebay 4 times now - Argh. Soon it will be mine! I just love the contrast of the cream lace with the black blocks of colour - not to mention the Peter Pan collar!

2. This necklace is so awesome! I havent worn spikes since the goff days, but this necklace is a more mature version of the spiked dog collars I once donned. I think it would look really cool layered over high necked t-shirts.

3. OMG when I saw this tee on the toppers website (I check the ""New in" section almost everyday - sad I know!) I knew it had to be mine! I love anything ribcage & already own several tops which have various prints of ribcages on. I like this top because its got a grungy Vintage feel to it, Im loving the grunge style at the moment! Im going to pair it with a high waisted skater skirt finished off with a thin studded belt.

4. After seeing the Topshop Allegra boots allover peoples blogs I fell in love, Alas It wasn't an item I wanted to pay £75 for despite how beautiful they were. Then these came out, and OMG how glad am I that I didn't buy the Allegras! Because these are so much more me compared to the Allegra boots, I love the studded detailing & cut outs, I think it makes them look really edgy & I love anything with a bit of edge!
I spent the whole weekend checking paypal every half an hour to see if I could afford them yet, & when on Monday morning there was enough money in the kitty I headed over to the website to buy them straight away. I havent recieved them yet but I can't wait, Im going to be living in them!!

5. Ive seen alot of the claw necklaces on other peoples blogs & can't seem to find one anywhere! So if any of you come across one please let me know where I can buy one from :]
This ring is just as amazing as the necklaces! I'd love to get some in for the shop at some point.

6. I adore this skirt, I think I would wear it all the time. Its the perfect skirt that you could just tuck a t-shirt into for a casual look or dress it up with a chiffon blouse for going out, and at £14.99 I think thats an absoloute bargain! I hope its still in stock by the time I have some dollah!

I hope you have all had a good week so far, I havent really done alot appart from make some cushions for the shop, so take a look if your interested :] Got some lovely cameo rings & necklaces on there aswell.
Also I went to see City & Colour on Monday night - it was amazing! Really packed though & spent most of it watching Dallas sing through someone elses flesh tunnel, haha! His voice was perfect & so was he, I was a bit worried that I would spend the whole night crying through his set but thankfully I only had a sniffle to 2 songs. I will be putting some pics up when my friend uploads them to facebook as being the goon I am I forgot my camera!


Friday, 14 October 2011

Etsy Loves ♥'s

♥ These adorable owl mugs! 

I don't have a cat, but if I did they would definately be wearing this super cute knitted bear hat! 

How awesome are these lavender sugar skull bags?!  They can be hung in your bedroom, car, living room or anywhere that takes your fancy! Im definately going to be purchasing one to jazz up my car!

 I neeeeeed this cushion enough said!

Argh ♥ this fox felt phone case! Ssssuper cute!

Hope your all having an awesome week, sorry for the lack of posts recently Ive been super busy sewing some new bits & bobs up for the shop more too come soon :]