Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Halloween Trend Inspiration - Spooktastic Picks

The day dedicated to remembering the dead is nearly upon us, and the high street is embracing this spooky holiday with lots of Halloween inspired fashion. These are my top spooky picks, my personal faves being the bat clutch, the pumpkin crop tee and the bat skirt! I'm not sure if I will be going out on Halloween this year, but these pieces definitely inspire some costume/style ideas!

I love this time of year, especially dressing up and carving out the pumpkin! My Mum has never really been a fan of Halloween so I didn't really get to celebrate it much when I was growing up, although she did help me dress up as a witch for a party when I was about 7 years old which was fun. I can't wait until I have kids of my own, will definitely be spooking my future house up, baking scary treats and throwing Halloween Parties!

What do you guys most love about Halloween?

Friday, 18 October 2013

AW/13 Punk Trend - Top Picks

As someone who used to be a bit of a goth and rock the tartan kilt skirt and chunky new rock boot look a lot I am loving this modern take on the punk trend. This time round it all feels alot more grown up and cleaner if you get me (I don't mean to say I spent my youth always muddy, sweaty from gigs yes but never muddy!). 
Back in the day it was all about safety pins, badges and anything spikey. I have grown up alot in my style over the years but I'm still a sucker for anything spikey and leather esque!

1. Above are my favourite pieces that I have come across whilst doing some online window shopping, I have infact bought the Dog Bite Dress (Couldn't resist!) I paid the full price for it and then it went in the sale the next day - bloody typical! So I bought the sale price one and I shall be returning the full price one. Unfortunately when I tried to link the dress I found that it was no longer available so check on eBay!

2. I need this necklace in my life, I've got a massive thing for statement necklaces at the moment, I think they just complete a look and give it a bit of extra wow factor! The bigger the better I say!

3. With the cold days finally settling in this eyelash jumper from River Island would be perfect for layering over shirts, teamed with leather skinnies or the tartan and leather A - Line skirt above!

4. I've always had a bit of a thing for a chunky metal zip, again relates back to the goth days. This skirt is just perfect but at £198.00 I think I'm going to have to find a cheaper alternative! - Sorry Allsaints but that is not within my price range! *Sigh*

5. I'm seeing alot of green tartan about at the moment, which is a nice change to the classic red, I love this backpack from ASOS, perfect for keeping bits and bobs in whilst being bang on trend!

6. Argh, I can't even explain how much I want this skirt, its even better in real life, but unfortunately I can't justify spending £42 on it. Might have to get the sewing machine out and whip up a copy!

7. Really need to get round to buying the Jeffrey Coltrane / Balenciaga cut out dupes, everybody and there dogs will have these by now, and soon they'll be all over Primark too, thats when you just know that EVERYONE will have them.

So theres some of my fave picks, what do you guys thing of the Punk trend? Are you loving it or hating it?

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fresh Starts And New Beginnings

Hi, Im Vicky a 27 year old Fashion design graduate from, actually I'm not sure where I'm from lets just say I'm hanging about at My Mum's in Devon for the time being after living in Manchester for the last 5 years.

This is my second blog but I chose to delete the old one as it had alot of old memories which I no longer deem relevant to my life now.

Recently the life I had known for the last 5 years came to an end, two major parts of my life just gone like that. One of them was a relationship which had consumed me for so long, and I didn't realise until I finally ended it that actually it was all very controlling, and I spent alot of that time blaming myself for things that actually were never my fault. Since then I have grown so much, I got back to being the old me with a  little bit of shiny newness - and honestly despite the fact that I have no idea where I am going with my life or what I'm doing I have never been happier.

The other major part of my life that ended was my Fashion design degree which took me 5 years to get through (including a year out). "Get through" I sound like I hated it, well I kinda did, more of a love hate thing, it wasn't so much the course it was me, I just could never put my all into it due to the fact that I got very poorly for the first 3 years of my degree, mainly due to the stress from the course so I guess it was partly the course! (Whoever says Fashion is an easy subject does NOT know what their talking about).

I never actually thought I would see Graduation day, it kind of felt like it was so far away, but boy did it come around and hit me in the face quick. It was the proudest day of my life, and I had to stop myself from crying a few times. Mainly because my relationship ended when we were set our FMP, and I nearly fucked it all up, but somehow I managed to carry on with the help of some amazing friends and a little bit of willpower.
The funny thing about it all was that my collection actually nearly got into LFW,  and it was then that I stopped and realised you know what I want this, I really want this. Over the years of the course my passion slowly dwindled but after I had proved to myself that I was independent again and I never needed the previously mentioned relationship I got my drive back, I felt alive again, something inside me told me to dream bigger, and that all those times I felt I couldn't do something I was very wrong.

I guess you could say I came out of 2 5 year relationships, a very liberating feeling, in all honesty it felt like a prison sentence, but now that I am out of "jail" for a crime I did not commit I am so ready for whatever the future holds for me, whatever that maybe.

I realise this is a bit of a heavy introduction, but for me this is all very relevant as this blog will be about my transition from my old life to the new, I want to document my progression, the journey into the unknown.
I want to feel like I have somewhere to go when I'm feeling uninspired so this will be my creative outlet - my little bit of escapism from the real world.

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I will creating it :)