Monday, 10 September 2012

Recent Purchases - 90's Grunge

1. Pork Pie hat 2. Peace Ombre Cropped Top - Topshop 3. Grey Studded Sleeveless Top - Ark 4. Spike Rings - New Look 5. Lipsticks (Brighton Rock & Pillow Talk) - Topshop 6. Sleek blush in coral - Superdrug

So it has been a while since I have posted, unfortunately alot of drama has gone down in my life which led me to move out of my shared home with my fiance into my friends house and then back home to the Motherland. Cut a long story short I couldn't hack living in Manchester without my fiance and just needed to go back home and sort myself out before returning to uni for my final year (eeek!)
Anyway! I am all good now, and back to my spending ways (despite the fact that I should be saving) above is what I have bought over the past few weeks.

I am loving the whole grunge revival, I haven't seen that look since I was back in college (a LONG time ago), but I'm glad its come back around again. The high street is offering some awesome pieces at the moment which I cannot get enough of!

1. I have been after some form of black hat ever since re-watching the 90210 series (had some serious Ivy/Gillian Zinser hair/wardrobe/Surfer skills envy) I think they just complete an outift, they make it look edgy and stylish.
I saw this pork pie hat pop up on the "New In" section on Topshop & new I had to have it, mainly because I like pork pies lol. Unfortunately I ordered it online & it is slightly battered as they don't seem to package their hats well! Tsk! Im debating whether to exchange it for the bowler version I saw in Topshop today hmm decisions!

2. I'm a bit late on the whole "peace" wearing trend, I don't usually like wearing what everybody else wearing at the same time but loved this top enough to give in to the hype! It looks great with high waisted denim shorts, its just a shame september is now here & I probably won't get to wear it unless my some miraculous miracle we get an indian summer.

3. I love love looooove this studded sleeveless top from Ark. They always have such nice pieces for reasonable prices. Im going to wear this top with EVERYTHING!

4. Being an ex goth I have always had a thing for spikes. And now that they are main stream fashion its hard to not buy every god damn spiked thing in site! I picked up these rings today, I have seen alot of these style of rings floating around tumblr and weheartit and had a look in Topshop but there just to expensive, thankfully Newlook saved the day at £3.99 for the spike cluster ring & £3.50 for the trio set of spike rings.

5. Been after a new colour of blusher for a while now, this is a lovely colour and different to my usual pinky choices. (I will be doing a make up review shortly)

6. These lipsticks have been allover the bloggersphere so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about! I bought Brighton rock & Pillow talk, both are gorgeous colours and really moisturising! I can't wait to wear them out and about.

What have you guys been buying recently? And what do you think of the whole 90's Grunge revival? I would love to hear your thoughts!

So thats my haul guys, sorry again for being gone for so long, I move back to Manchester on Friday (which i'm pretty excited about) so I will have lots to blog about again :]

P.S So sorry about how my images have turned out, I am still trying to get to grips with my SLR.