Friday, 31 October 2014

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If, like me, you're a bit of a last minute kinda gal then this post is for you! I have collected a few images together for costume ideas that are simple yet effective.

Image source: Pinterest

1. Skeleton
This look is so effective, because all you need is black and white face paint. It looks really tricky to do but trust me all you need is a steady hand. Mark it out lightly with black eye liner to start with and then fill in the gaps! To finish just sling on your favourite party dress and some edgy boots and your good to go!

Image source: Pinterest

2. Gothic Princess
For this look just use liquid eyeliner to draw out the creepy black vein like design above your eyes. Make sure your eyebrows are filled in nice and dark, as well as your eyes, to blend the look in and finish with a dark lip. Complete the look with a studded head band (or failing that a floral crown will also work), and a lace dress and voila you're the perfect creepy gothic princess!

Image source: Pinterest

3. Clingfilm Mummy
Got a lot of clingfilm lying around? Then why not wrap yourself up in it and go as a mummy?! Just wear a white dress underneath and get creative with the rest. Use talc to get your hair white and back comb the hell out of it! This costume idea is sure to get some compliments and requires minimal effort!

Image source: Pinterest

4. Dead Doll

Whenever I am really struggling with my last minute costume idea I turn to the dead doll look. This look has worked for me so many times. All you need is a pretty dress, some knee high socks, dolly shoes and a hair band. For the make-up hollow out your eyes with heavy black eye shadow and lots of mascara. For the lips why not try out a porcelain doll design and add stiches through them like the image above. I liked to add stitching with dripping fake blood down my neck - makes for a well creepy look!

Image source: Pinterest

5. Ghost
And finally for the ultimately lazy Halloween dresser go as a ghost!,
 Just cut a whole in a white bed sheet, throw it over your head and paint yourself all white! If you can get your hair like Tilda Swinton's in the the image above then kudos to you! I would imagine lots of hairspray will be needed!

So that's it guys, I hope you have found this somewhat helpful, whatever you do this Hallows eve make sure you have a good one! I am off to get myself all spookified for tonight's festivities!

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