Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Outfit Of The Day | You Can Go Your Own Way

Duster coat - Primark
Black Camisole Top - Newlook (old)
DIY Ripped Jeans -  H&M (old)
Beaded Handbag - Primark
Cut Out Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Urban Cult
Hat - Primark
Rings - Primark

So this is an outfit I put together the other day. I am absolutely in love with this duster style kimono from Primark. I love the tailored look it brings to an outfit, whilst remaining quite laid back.
The print is sooooo pretty! It makes a nice change to my usual 'all black' without going too far away from home! The best part - it was only £7 in the sale... I nearly died; that's a lot of material for £7!
Obviously, the kimono had to be paired with my trusty DIY ripped jeans (I begrudge paying £10 extra on a pair of jeans with a rip in!) and my cut-out man shoes from Primark that have featured on here before. Still completely obsessed with them. Finally, I own a fedora after searching for one for so long! I have quite a small head, so had trouble finding any that fit me. Thankfully, Primark saved the day with this budget-friendly one, which only cost me £7. 
Now onto the bag: has anyone else seen these gorgeous, beautifully detailed, beaded handbags in Primark? I was quite taken aback to be honest. So much work has gone into them its unreal, and the quality is perfect (not bad for £10). It's the perfect handbag for date nights or drinks out with friends! They have so many different ones I found it hard to pick. Originally I bought this one and a beaded daisy one, but couldn't justify owning two so returned the latter. Sucks to be sensible sometimes!

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