Friday, 13 June 2014

HAUL~ Topshop, Ohmylovelondon, H&M, Monki & Asos

So this was my extremely naughty haul, where I thought it was perfectly acceptable to buy 3 kimonos in one day. Having said that I am quite pleased with my recent purchases as they expand my outfit variety now and I feel I won't have my classic "What do I wear/ I have nothing to wear" meltdown. 
I barely ever go out to shop as I get really stressed out so I usually opt for online shopping, however I decided to scout out the nearest H&M to me and found a great shopping outlet in Bournemouth. 
I spent ages in H&M and had to take 2 trips to the changing rooms - I forgot how much stuff they have in there! In the end I picked a lovely faux leather skirt which is such a lovely quality and looks more expensive that it is (£14.99 - Bargain!). I also fell in love with the kimono, the print is so lovely and its a perfect length. Just as I was nearly ready to leave I spotted the faux birkenstocks, I couldn't believe my luck, I had been after some for ages and was debating on buying these from Topshop but I am so glad I didn't as these H&M ones were a small £12.99. 

I then popped into New Look as I wanted to exchange some shorts and then I spotted the most perfect black kimono which was closely followed by spotting ANOTHER perfect Kimono. I told myself that I was only going to buy the black kimono, but when I tried on the blue one I fell in love. I was the perfect shade of blue and looked lovely against my skin tone. I couldn't possibly choose between the 2 so I had a little chat with myself and the girl at the checkout and we both convinced myself that I wasn't a bad person and like YOLO and all that!

Eye prints seem to be quite popular now, although its actually quite creepy to some I personally love it. Whilst browsing on Asos I spotted this awesome oversized t-shirt by Monki  thought it would look great paired with some ripped jeans and my H&M faux birks.

I was in desperate need of a new leather jacket as my Topshop one had been permanently glued onto me for at least 3 years and I just felt that it had seen its day. I spotted this leather jacket on the Oh My Love website and loved the biker style of it. I was so excited when it arrived and put it on straight away and oh my its so perfect, it really gives my outfits that added bit of edge and with using a discount code it only cost me £33.00 (Originaly £39).

So thats my Haul guys! Hope this post wasn't too long. I am now unfortunately on a spending ban (see last post), I am already finding it difficult as today is payday but I am determined not to break my oath and utilise what I already have in my wardrobe!

What have you guys been buying recently? Have any of you had to curb your spending habits?